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Day Treatment Programming

Day Treatment services are integrated with special-education instruction during school hours at both our school locations. An after-school option is available at our Hamilton County-West. Specialized Treatment Tracks Program Tracks specialize in generalized behavioral concerns with our Behavior Modification Program.

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School-Based and After-School Day Treatment Programs & Experiential Learning

Serving Grades K – 12 for Day Treatment Programs

Day Treatment services are offered to meet the psychological, social, and physical needs of children, Kindergarten – 12th, with serious emotional, behavioral, learning, social, and/or family challenges.

Experiential Learning

The goal of experiential learning is to learn by doing. It increases positive transitions for students in educational achievement and mental health stability. Academically, students achieve improved attendance and grades. Mentally, students display an improved use of regulatory skills. This results in a decreased need for intensive mental health services.

Location of Day Treatment Programs

On Our Campus

In-School and After-School Options: Our Day Treatment Programs through our School located in Hamilton County with two locations in Cincinnati, Ohio. Our two Hamilton County locations offer Kindergarten through 6th grade and 7th – 12th graders.

In Your School

We offer school partnerships to embed Day Treatment Programs and other services directly in your school. We would love to talk with your school about what the best solution would be for your team and students.

All Education & Day Treatment Services

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