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Education & Day Treatment

NewPath offers education for boys and girls in Kindergarten – 12th grade with a full-scale IQ of 50 and above. Day Treatment services are offered to meet the psychological, social, and physical needs of children, Kindergarten – 12th, with serious emotional, behavioral, learning, social, and/or family challenges. The majority of our students are enrolled in our Education and Day Treatment Program simultaneously.

All Education & Day Treatment Services


Therapeutic learning environment for students K–11. Individualized instruction and structured classrooms.

Day Treatment

Daily group therapy offers a therapeutic peer environment to support positive social and emotional development and relationships. After-school options are also available.

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General Inquiries/ Getting Started

For general inquiries please contact us by phone or email.

(855) 577-PATH (7284)

To get started in services or ask questions about services please contact our Central Access Team by phone or email.

(855) 577-PATH (7284)