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Therapist’s Journey – Why I Became a Therapist

November 12, 2021

“Working at NewPath has been the best decision for my career this far. They have been so helpful with my internship & career and any questions or concerns I have. I love the professionalism of the leadership and the open communication of the team; I feel encouraged to give feedback and use my voice. As a therapist, I have been so thankful especially for my supervisors and mentor who have given me so much guidance and support. Additionally, getting to work with kids has been so fulfilling! School-based therapy is such a niche, unique experience. I love getting to be a support for kids in their daily lives. Working with kids can be both fun and challenging… they’re always tugging at my heartstrings. The challenges are always worth it to have the honor to exist in their world and walk alongside them in their journey.”


My Journey to Becoming a Therapist

My journey to becoming a therapist at NewPath has been a special journey that I am ever grateful for. I initially received my undergraduate degree in Psychology which led me into case management for three years at another agency. In my time as a school-based case manager, I grew a strong passion for this work in the mental health field. I knew after about a year in that I wanted to pursue my master’s in some capacity; I decided to attend Xavier University for Clinical Mental Health Counseling beginning in 2019.

During my graduate degree work, I continued working full-time at my previous agency. When it came time to complete my internship, I received the opportunity to work with NewPath. I would complete a full-time internship while finishing my course work. This is all thanks to a referral from a current employee who has always spoken highly of her work here. That internship began in January of 2021. I now have my masters, my counseling license, and a position I am excited for at this agency.

My Passion. Why I Do It & Why I Love It.

Looking back, I can identify the markers and signs along the way that led me to my passion and my role… hindsight is truly 20/20. I grew up in southeastern Indiana where mental health interventions are not abundant. Especially in school, I saw a need for mental health supports. I was not familiar with school-based interventions prior to my case management role. However, it immediately called to me due to the pressing need for mental health support for children. I would have personally benefitted from school-based supports, as would many of my family and close friends throughout school years.

At NewPath, as a school-based therapist, I have enjoyed working with families to implement mental health supports at multiple generational levels. I even enjoy the days when administrative tasks are filling my to-do list, or when daily life stressors cloud my mood. The work and relationships built with our amazing clients and their resilient, persevering families provide daily clarity to my overall vision and purpose. I value my role in their lives to see past what others may label or stigmatize as “issues” or “problem behaviors.” Instead I sit with them as they uncover their strengths and light.

Amazing Culture. I Am Valued.

Furthermore, I value the overall culture at NewPath. I have not been an employee for very long, but a day does not pass that I don’t feel valued. My mental and physical health is valued as I am often encouraged to utilize self-care practices. This could be taking accrued time off, or exercising safe health precautions and preventive measures. Maintaining work/life boundaries is also emphasized. Allowing me to take weekend camping trips, play weekly sand volleyball games, or just relax on the couch with my dog. I am not expected to be solely a work-machine without personal joys and experiences.

The benefits of pursuing my purpose are more than enough, but I appreciate that the agency also seeks to make employees feel valued through tuition reimbursement and training opportunities to continually grow and improve clinical skills. It feels like the valuing of employees lends itself to employees who are excellent clinicians and this is a cyclical process as we each continue growing alongside NewPath.