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The Williams Foundation Invests $25K

Expanding the Experiential Learning Program

Thanks to a large donation by The Williams Foundation, NewPath can grow and expand a variety of Experiential Learning opportunities for students with emotional, behavioral, learning, social or family-related challenges.

The Williams Foundation is Helping to Ignite Hope and Change Futures

NewPath Child & Family Solutions (formerly St. Joseph Orphanage) recently received a donation of $25 thousand from The Williams Foundation. This $25 thousand investment will be put toward developing and expanding NewPath’s Experiential Learning Program. The goal of experiential learning is to learn by doing. It increases positive transitions for students in educational achievement and mental health stability. Academically, students achieve improved attendance and grades. This leads to grade level advancement and less restrictive school programing. Mentally, students display an improved use of regulatory skills. This results in a decreased need for intensive mental health services.

Benefits of Experiential Learning

  • Ability to immediately apply knowledge
  • Access to real-time coaching and feedback
  • Promotion of teamwork and communication skills
  • Development of reflective practice habits
  • Accomplishments are immediate and obvious

NewPath’s Experiential Learning Programs

NewPath provides a variety of Experiential Learning Opportunities for students to accelerate learning and bridge the gap between theory and practice. Youth work on mastering the skills necessary for healthy and successful futures. Individualized services emphasize skill development for more adaptive management of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. This allows students to reintegrate into their community school successfully.

Motorbike program

Our motorbike program develops self-esteem and a sense of belonging using mini-bikes as a motivational tool. This program inspires youth to work on treatment and earn opportunities to ride. Youth learn essential maintenance responsibilities such as changing oil and brakes and understanding the importance of teamwork.

Art therapy

Art Therapy groups focus on exploring thoughts and feelings through creating art. Students develop appropriate social skills, such as positive communication and respect for self and others.

Recreational therapy

Recreational Therapy groups focus on engaging in cooperative activities. Students develop and practice appropriate social skills such as anger management and proper boundary maintenance.

Music therapy

Music Therapy groups focus on therapeutically creating musical experiences. These activities explore safe ways to express emotions and interact with others.


Vocational groups focus on understanding and developing social skills for future success in various occupations. Skills such as cooperation, safety, and communication.

Healthy Living

Healthy Living groups explore various mental health diagnoses, treatment options, and healthy ways to manage mental health symptoms and problems.

Alcohol & Drug

Alcohol and Drug groups focus on understanding the emotional, psychological, physiological, and behavioral effects of drugs and alcohol. Additionally, the impact of alcohol and drugs on relationships with others. This group also focuses on drug and alcohol education and prevention.

Community Wrap-around

Community Wrap-Around groups focus on being aware of one’s responsibility in the community and developing ways to be a productive member.

Behavior modification

Behavior Modification groups focus on exploring their feelings and behavior choices. Students develop appropriate skills to manage communication, anger management, and boundary maintenance.

Invest in HOPE

For the individuals facing behavioral and specialty healthcare, educational treatment, and child welfare needs—We ignite hope and change futures by providing access to and results from expert, specialized, and comprehensive trauma-informed care.

At NewPath, we bring hope to families who need it most, building a stronger community. With caring and understanding, we help children build resilience and the inner strength they need to continue growing. Give the gift of hope and help us expand programming, like the Experiential Learning Program.


We are grateful for all kindness and support community members like you have given us through the years. Your continued support makes life-altering changes and opportunities in our children’s lives that will follow them forever. Without you, we cannot have the great success and community impact we are so proud of.