Service Spotlight: Residential Intervention Services

Learn More About Our Residential Intervention Services

Our residential intervention services help up to 34 guests at a time, assisting them with every area of their lives. Specifically, our services allow children ages 5-17 with traumatic backgrounds to explore alternative and safe behaviors. By treating the whole child in each area of their life, we hope to significantly reduce future problematic behaviors while allowing them to transition successfully into the community. Length of stay averages from 5 to 30 days, however longer term care options are available.

What happens when a guest comes to campus?

When a guest arrives at our campus, they’ll meet with one of our professional staff members who will give them a tour. First, they’ll get to visit our Welcome Center! There, they’ll get to pick out toys, books, clothes, and more for their stay. They’ll get to meet one of our excellent nurses for a checkup. We’ll do an inventory of their personal items to make sure everything is kept safely during their stay. Next, we’ll take them to their room! We’ll make sure to introduce them to the rest of the staff they’ll see on a regular basis. They’ll also get to see the rest of campus, including the recreation center and the playground outside. At the beginning of their stay, they’ll get to have their first session with one of our caring therapists.

What services does residential intervention offer?

  • Mental health diagnostic assessments
  • Case Management(CPST) and treatment team coordination
  • Individual and family therapy
  • 3 hours of on-site Education every day
  • Day Treatment programming provided by our Therapeutic Group Leaders, promoting pro-social self-management skills (self expression, healthy management strategies of feelings, strategies to improve family and peer relationships, etc.)
  • Psycho-pharmacological management and medication education by Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists and Psychiatric Nurses, including 60 days of medication or prescriptions post discharge.  Medical assessment and connection to community resources by a Pediatrician, Advanced Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
  • Active and continuous staff supervision at all times, focusing on at-moment skill development
  • High level of involvement with families, natural support systems, community volunteers, legal guardians, and community partners.

What makes us stand out from similar intervention services?

Something that makes us stand out is our focus on involving family members. We have special days where families are encouraged to come in and spend time with the guests during their stay. Families are welcome to visit and call at any time. We also do plenty of field trips throughout the year such as going to Reds games, seeing plays, and going to a lake!

Our team’s core values:

  1. We are always determined to get the best outcomes for our guests and families.
  2. We always strive to have a reputation of courage.
  3. We always seek to provide a safe and healing environment.
  4. We always use a family-driven and youth-guided approach.
  5. We always use an individualized and strength- based approach.
  6. We are always culturally and linguistically competent.
  7. We always use an evidenced-based and practice-informed approach.


Overall, we aim to create a safe and welcoming environment that helps our guests to become a better version of themselves. Do you want to make a positive impact on our guests? Please consider volunteering or making a donation. We also encourage you to check our job board for current job openings.