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Our JOURNEY Housing Program offers housing to Hamilton County Resident Young Adults ages 18-21 who are enrolled in a JOURNEY program and have potential to live independently (IE: JOURNEY TIP or ACT programs).  We have housing available in 4 local apartment complexes, 2 complexes for young men, and 2 complexes for young women.  Each unit comes fully furnished and move-in ready.  The length of stay will be determined by the individual’s treatment team but is typically about 1.5 – 2 years.  Upon successful transition, young adults can be connected with an Excel housing voucher. Each young adult will have access to a Housing Case Manager, a housing resident assistant, assigned to help meet their housing goals.

Getting Started

Contact our Central Access Team to get started or make a referral for a young adult to first get started in our Outpatient Program to get involved in a JOURNEY to Successful Living Program to be considered for the JOURNEY Housing Program.

ages 18-21

JOURNEY Housing serves young adults ages 18-21
Both Male & Female

Length of stay

To be determined by the individual’s treatment team.

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Admission Criteria

  • Young adult demonstrates personal safety as well as safety for others for at least 90 days
  • Young adult demonstrates behavior indicating motivation (i.e., past success) to learn to live independently
  • Young adult must be engaged in meaningful activity* (i.e. working on GED, part-time job)
  • Young adult is eligible for a housing certificate and/or the ability to pay based on a declining subsidy plan
  • To Be Considered

    To be considered for JOURNEY Housing, young adult must first be involved in JOURNEY to Successful Living; a program designed to strengthen the system of care in Hamilton County for transition-age youth and young adults ages 14 to 21, with serious emotional challenges, and their families.  It is the purpose of JOURNEY to create a broad-based, sustainable systemic change, inclusive of policy reform and infrastructure development.

    The Hamilton County Mental Health and Recovery Services Board’s housing continuum includes capacity for an array of housing options in independent settings that support the level of need assessed for individual young adults. The collaboration between our agency and JOURNEY strengthens this housing capacity both internally and externally to the mental health system, by partnering to assist transition-age youth and young adults in achieving self-sufficiency in their ability to live independently.  Housing services and supports are based in system of care principles and support the recovery and resiliency of enrolled young adults.  Scope of services includes life skills assessment, training, and on-going skills coaching; care coordination, housing assistance, preparation for transition to adult services; and provision of formal and informal supports to strengthen a young adult’s ability to manage their natural environment.

    Transition-age youth and young adults receive on-going supports through broad-based coordination of treatment and support services. Treatment planning is strengths-based and futures-oriented with emphasis on achieving permanent housing and self-sufficiency goals.  Oversight of housing services occurs at the individual, program, and system levels.

    JOURNEY to Successful Living Programs

    Assertive Community Treatment (ACT):

    This community-based, multidisciplinary approach provides treatment, rehabilitation and support services to persons with severe and persistent mental illness.  In the ACT approach, clients are managed by a multi-disciplinary team, providing services directly to an individual that are tailored to meet his or her specific needs.  Team members collaborate to deliver integrated services to individuals in their “natural living” settings instead of hospitals and clinics.

    Transition to Independence Process (TIP):

    The TIP approach is an evidence-based program model that stresses the importance of engaging young adults in their own futures-planning process, and utilizing services that focus on each individual’s strengths.  The TIP system operates through seven guidelines that provide a framework for the program and a community system that supports that framework.


    The funding source for the JOURNEY Housing Program is the Hamilton County Mental Health Board

    All Young Adult Transitional Services

    Independent Living

    ages 16–21

    Community-based apartments for youth transitioning to adulthood, including those aging out of foster care. On-site resident manager, life coach, and case manager

    My First Place

    ages 17–21

    An Independent Living Program providing current foster youth with housing, progressing education, building career plans, and life skills. Referral-based: Hamilton county JFS only

    JOURNEY Housing

    ages 18 – 21

    Our JOURNEY Housing Program offers housing to Hamilton County resident young adults who are enrolled in a JOURNEY program and have potential to live independently (IE: JOURNEY TIP or ACT Case Management programs). We have housing available in 4 local apartment complexes, 2 complexes for young men, and 2 complexes for young women. Each unit comes fully furnished and move-in ready.

    Ohio Bridges Provider

    ages 18–20

    Providing guidance and support to former foster youth with access to housing, education, employment, and physical/mental health wellness. Refer through

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