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The coolest thing I saw: Myrtle Beach
If I could do anything, I would: Feed the homeless
When I grow up, I want to be: A veterinarian or police officer
Something funny about me: Tell good jokes
Favorite Food Pizza

Overcoming Suicidal Thoughts

AROUND THE AGE OF EIGHT, ANDRE BEGAN displaying destructive outbursts at home and school. The change in behavior was sudden, unexpected, and unexplained, leaving his family feeling confused and bewildered. Attempts to discipline or reprimand only served to escalate those situations, eventually earning him the nickname of “Incredible Hulk.”

“It was as if this wasn’t even the same child,” says Andre’s mother. “We were frightened for him, as well as the rest of the family.” Feeling helpless, his family could only watch as his mental state continued to worsen. It all came to a head one summer day when Andre packed a bag and ran away from home. Once his family found him, his expression of suicidal thoughts resulted in a brief stay at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, followed by a referral to St. Joseph Orphanage.

Andre’s case management team designed a program focused on coping mechanisms to help restore consistent behavior and to help him work through some of life’s more difficult moments. His parents also credit Andre’s case manager for going ‘above and beyond’ to help not only Andre, but also the whole family throughout the entire process. Andre’s mother says that after all of the hard work and therapy, her son’s “helping spirit has returned and it shines bright.”