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Love Has No Color – Foster Care & Adoption

December 18, 2019

Foster Mom. Adoptive Mom. Single Mom… Loving Mom!

A Loving Foster Mother and now Adoptive Mother, Treka Engleman recently shared her story with “Love What Matters”. Treka has a heart of gold and has taken on the role to provide a safe, loving home for children she both fosters and has now adopted. Treka and her family prove that love has no color.

“For years, I wanted to be a foster mom. Yet I was always hesitant to start the journey into foster care because I didn’t think a single person like myself could be a foster mom (no spouse, no children). I didn’t think I would qualify, but I did some research, asked around, and made some phone calls anyway. As it turns out, you just have to be at least the age of 21, you can be single or married! I talked to my family about it and I just decided I was going to go for it!…August of 2016, I called St. Joseph Orphanage and they sent me the schedule and what I needed to start my classes. There were two months of classes and it was a complete emotional roller coaster. Some classes were simple and some were hard to sit through. Hearing the stories about some children that go through foster care just brought tears to my eyes and broke my heart….Classes continued and I was getting close to the end. I had to make a decision of what sex, race, and age range I wanted to foster. There was never really any question of the matter. I immediately marked African American and Caucasian. Color doesn’t matter to me. Love is love no matter what color you are. As for the ages, I thought maybe I’d do ages four and five. After my classes were over, I had my home study and I was approved for up to four children. I thought, ‘Woah…that’s a lot! Am I ready for this?’ But I was ready and I knew in my heart I could do this. Now it was go time!…My heart just immediately dropped when they brought this tiny little baby into my home. As it turns out, he was my first placement, not to be my last!”

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