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Ohio Foster Care & Foster-to-Adopt

Prepare Your Heart. Prepare Your Home. Foster Children Need YOU.

NewPath Foster Care has been serving foster children and families since 1990, but began as an Orphanage in 1829.

As the needs of the community have grown over the last several years and the increasing needs of foster children have become apparent as thousands of children in foster care need homes; we understand the importance of offering our foster children & families all the support and guidance they need. Our services provide care for families and children of all ages, with all levels of mental & behavioral health concerns. Our families and staff are committed to a multi-system team approach and are truly a therapeutic foster care network.

Each foster child and family is paired with a licensed clinician with years of experience and understanding of the special care necessary for foster home success. When there is a special need identified, we can access psychological and special education professionals within the community or through our agency’s continuum of care to provide the required supports to maintain community placements.

Becoming a Foster Parent or Fostering To Adopt

Being a foster parent or adoptive parent is a wonderful and fulfilling experience. NewPath provides intensive training and support that will prepare you to ignite hope and change futures every day.

As a foster or parent, you will provide a nurturing, stable home for children who cannot stay with their parents. You will truly make a difference in their lives by restoring their hope and sense of stability. Watching them grow, recover, and thrive in your home while their families heal can be the most rewarding aspect of fostering.  As an adoptive parent, you will become a child’s forever home.

We provide training on a variety of topics such as Beginning to Foster; Effects of Trauma, Abuse and Neglect; Safe and Supportive Behavior Management Techniques; Health Measures; Education Advocacy and Independent Living; De-Escalation and Crisis Intervention; Cultural Concerns in Placement; CPR and First Aid; Legal Framework for Foster Care.  As of 2017 we also license parents to Foster to Adopt.

NewPath serves children, from birth to age 21, who have been abused or neglected and are in need of a stable home. We have an exceptional network of foster families located in counties across Southwestern Ohio, but many children are still in need of foster families. We offer both therapeutic & traditional foster care. Therapeutic foster care and adoptive homes differ from traditional foster homes because the children may have emotional or behavioral problems. Foster parents receive special training to learn how to help the children heal from their issues. Although this is a challenging task, the reward is great!

Benefits for Foster Parents & Foster-to-Adopt Parents

There Are Many Benefits of Becoming A Foster or Adoptive Parent

There are many benefits of becoming a Foster Parent from the indescribable feeling you will have helping a child who needs YOU more than you could ever imagine to the incentives and reimbursements we offer you for your kind and caring heart.

Resources Available For You & Your Child

  • 24 Hour Treatment Staff On Call
  • Emergencies & Therapeutic Needs
  • Treatment Staff that is Knowledgeable & Experienced in Foster Care
  • Access to a Full Array of Services:
  • In-home or In-Office Therapy
  • Case Management
  • Psychiatric Services

Payments & Reimbursements

  • Tax Free Stipend
  • Paid by Direct Deposit Every 2 Weeks
  • Monthly Paid Training
  • Mileage Reimbursement
  • $0.50 / Mile for Family Visits
  • $150.00 Wrap Around Fund
  • Available per Year per Youth for Expenses Not Covered by Foster Care per Diem
  • Paid Respite Care (14 Days)
  • $25 / day per child
  • Foster Parent Referral Bonus
  • Earn $400 Bonus for referring a friend to become a Foster Parent
  • $50 for completing pre-service, $250 for becoming licensed, $100 for first placement

Holidays & Celebrations


Annual Foster Parent Celebration


Annual Christmas Party for Foster Parent & Child
New Christmas Gifts Given by Donors Every Year

Getting Your Ohio Foster Parent Licensure

Convenient Foster Parent Pre-Service Trainings Provided For You

We provide convenient pre-service training’s to help prepare you to become an amazing Foster Parent. We provide the information you need to be qualified and obtain your license by the state of Ohio. Contact us to find out when our next trainings are. You are welcome to join to simply learn more or to get started on your journey to becoming a foster parent.

Preparing for the Home Study – Everything You Need to Know

Getting your home ready for a child/children to move in is an exciting time as you are on your next step to taking in a Foster Child/Children who need YOU. We are here to answer your questions and ensure you are prepared every step of the way!

What is a Home Study?

The home study is a detailed report about your family, your home and your preparations to become a foster parent. An assessor will prepare the home study with information compiled from a variety of sources. The final report is used to recommend you for licensure as a foster parent with the State of Ohio.

What Is The Purpose of a Home Study?

The home study helps you focus on what children will fit best into your family. The final product also helps workers to place children into your home who would best fit into your family.

When Is the Home Study Started?

An assessor is assigned to begin the home study process when you turn in your application to become a foster parent. You will receive the application during pre-service training and you can turn it in at any time during your pre-service training process.

How Long Does It Take To Complete A Home Study?

By law, assessors have 180 days or six months to complete the home study. If you are prepared, keep your interview appointments with assessors, and have all the needed documents and references, you could complete your home study in as little as 3-4 months.

What Goes Into The Home Study?

The home study requires the prospective foster family to gather different documents, answer several questions, and explore their reasons for fostering. Through a series of visits and interviews with you and others in your home, the assessor will get a complete picture of who you are and what life is like in your family. The home study is a part of the decision making process for both the prospective family and the workers.

How Do I Prepare For My Home Study?

You can do several things between now and the time you turn in your application to become a foster parent:

Ensure you have a designated bedroom with a bed & dresser to accommodate the child / children & their belongings
Secure a car seat if you are planning to open your home to fostering infants/toddlers
Develop a care plan that you will use when a foster child comes to your home.
Some Things To Think About:

What happens if the child gets sick and needs to stay home from school?
Who can help care for the child when I am sick?
Who will assist with transportation if I am not able?
If you think you have a legal issue that could prevent you from becoming a foster parent, contact your local assessor about your past criminal history or your child’s (ages 10+ ) criminal history to see if you still qualify.

Foster Care Myths & Facts

Foster Care Myths (busted)

There can be many reasons a person that wants to foster holds back.  There are a lot of myths out there and we took a moment to bust them.  The truth is, we want you to become a Foster Parent and want to make it as easy as possible to begin your Foster or Adoptive journey. 

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