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Honda Invests $25K

Expanding the Experiential Learning Program

Thanks to a generous contribution by the Honda USA Foundation, NewPath can grow and expand various Experiential Learning opportunities for students with emotional, behavioral, learning, social, or family-related challenges.

Honda is Helping to Ignite Hope and Change Futures

NewPath Child & Family Solutions recently received a donation of $25 thousand from the Honda USA Foundation. This $25 thousand investment further developed and expanded NewPath’s Experiential Learning program. “With the support of sponsors like Honda, we are able to provide our youth with unique experiences that they may not otherwise have access to,” said Dottie Bayless, NewPath’s Experiential Program Manager. “These experiences are designed to help prepare them for their future by building leadership, critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, social and communication skills, as well as career readiness.”

The goal of experiential learning is to learn by doing. It increases positive transitions for students regarding educational achievement and mental health stability. Academically, students achieve improved attendance and grades, leading to grade-level advancement and less restrictive school programming. Mentally, students display an improved use of regulatory skills, resulting in a decreased need for intensive mental health services.

Benefits of Experiential Learning
  • Ability to immediately apply knowledge
  • Access to real-time coaching and feedback
  • Promotion of teamwork and communication skills
  • Development of reflective practice habits
  • Accomplishments are immediate and obvious

About Honda Corporate Social Responsibility and the Honda USA Foundation

For more than 60 years in the U.S., Honda has been committed to making positive contributions to the communities where its associates live and work. Honda’s mission is to create products and services that help people fulfill their life’s potential, while conducting business in a sustainable manner and fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace. Advancing its corporate social responsibility, Honda and the Honda USA Foundation support this direction through giving focused on education, the environment, mobility, traffic safety and community. Learn more at

NewPath’s Experiential Learning Programs

NewPath provides various Experiential Learning opportunities for students to accelerate learning and bridge the gap between theory and practice. Youth work on mastering the skills necessary for healthy and successful futures. Individualized services emphasize skill development for more adaptive management of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. This allows students to reintegrate successfully into their community school.

Therapeutic Group Topics & Experiential Learning Programs

We began implementing Experiential Learning in our High School Day Program in 2017. After seeing positive results in students’ better attendance and decreased intense behaviors, we have expanded the facilitation of these opportunities throughout our various service lines to include Outpatient, Transition to Independence (TIP), Residential Interventions, Foster Care, Independent Living Services (ILS), and all Day Programs

Motorbike Program

Our motorbike program uses mini-bikes as a motivational tool to help youth develop self-esteem and a sense of belonging. This program inspires youth to work in treatment to earn opportunities to ride. Youth learn basic maintenance responsibilities such as changing oil and tires and understand the importance of teamwork.

Therapeutic Gardening

Therapeutic Gardening is the cultivation of plants to promote a healing environment, receive mental and physical health benefits, and increase well-being. Individuals create and care for plants, learning the cycle of garden-to-table experiences and therapeutic sensory gardens designed to facilitate interaction with the healing elements of nature

Therapeutic Art Experience

Therapeutic Art Experiences focus on creating art (clay hand building & pottery wheels, painting, etc.) in a therapeutic manner in addition to developing and practicing appropriate social skills, such as positive communication and respect for self and others.

Therapeutic Adventure Experiences

The practice of therapeutic adventure involves using adventure experiences provided by mental health professionals, usually in natural settings (e.g., hiking, kayaking, camping). These encounters are meant to engage individuals, families, and groups on physical, cognitive, emotional, and behavioral levels.

Vocational Experiences

Vocational Experiences focus on understanding and developing appropriate social skills, such as cooperation, safety, and communication, needed for future career success. Experiences include the PAES Lab, vocational-based field trips, and Career Week Opportunities.

Health Festival

Health Festivals provide opportunities for youth and families to learn about their bodies’ needs in a fun, hands-on approach. Interactive engagement activities focus on the benefits of fitness, handwashing, dental care, yoga, healthy eating, and being outside.

Sports Camps & Clinics

We offer youth seasonal sports camps and clinics for ages three and up in sports such as flag football, soccer, basketball, and cheerleading. We empower youth through sports while teaching the importance of communication, teamwork, and good sportsmanship on the field and in life.

Low Ropes Course

Teams work collaboratively together to complete challenges focused on cooperation, problem-solving, communication, and leadership.

Invest in HOPE

For the individuals facing behavioral and specialty healthcare, educational treatment, and child welfare needs—We ignite hope and change futures by providing access to and results from expert, specialized, and comprehensive trauma-informed care.

At NewPath, we bring hope to families who need it most, building a stronger community. With caring and understanding, we help children build resilience and the inner strength they need to continue growing. Give the gift of hope and help us expand programming, like the Experiential Learning Program.


We are grateful for all the kindness and support community members like you have given us through the years. Your continued support makes life-altering changes and opportunities in our children’s lives that will follow them forever. Without you, we would not have had the great success and community impact we are so proud of.