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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

We are committed to cultivating an environment where all people’s diversity is celebrated and acknowledged to feel included and that they belong at NewPath.

DEIB at NewPath

Promoting an Inclusive Environment

To achieve excellent experiences for our clients, team, and supporters, NewPath stays committed to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) efforts. As an agency, we lean into our commitment to DEIB with every decision to address our blind spots, seek diversity in all variations, empower authenticity, and hear everyone’s voice while valuing their unique perspectives both internally and externally.

One way to ensure that these best practices are constantly present across every organizational level is with the implementation of a peer-run DEIB Team. This committee is run by team members and creates core competencies that reduce inequities to achieve inclusion manifested by our diverse offerings.

  • Diversity: Combining the gifts, talents, and attributes that make each person unique.
  • Equity: Developing fair and just opportunity for equal outcomes.
  • Inclusion: Creating and fostering a trusting culture where everyone is engaged, respected, and supported in the mission, vision, and values of the organization.
  • Belonging: Feeling connected to the organization (community, team members, and clients) where every person feels safe, valued, and appreciated.

The Importance of Inclusion

Benefits of deib in the workplace

  • Creates opportunities for creativity and problem-solving
  • Smarter decision-making
  • Increases profits and productivity
  • Reduces employee turnover rates
  • Overall improved organizational reputation

Download NewPath’s DEIB Toolkit

Upcoming Events & Initiatives

Client and Community Connections: Yoga Session

Join us for a group yoga session led by our certified yoga instructor and fellow NewPath team member, Jill Prok. This class is designed for all skill levels, providing a balanced mix of stretching and relaxation exercises to promote a sense of community as we support each other! This activity is open to all NewPath team members and their clients!

Casual Conversations: Diverse Threads – One Tapestry

Come join your co-workers at the DEIB Team’s upcoming Casual Conversations. Yes, they are casual and relaxed discussions over food, where we share our similarities and our uniqueness (the threads that weave together to create our NewPath tapestry) and get to know each other a little better! We look forward to seeing you at one or both of these conversations. Bringing a work friend with you is highly encouraged.

DEIB Training – All Agency

NewPath’s DEIB Team will host a second round of training hosted by ELIAS Consulting. This will include three DEIB training sessions for all NewPath team members and NewPath’s Board.

“Hosting mandatory DEI training continues to share the importance and further reminds our team that we have the pleasure of working with diverse team members and clients. This gives us an opportunity to be mindful, remain patient, and able to get to know people under the surface to allow us to really lean into Therapeutic Excellence in every interaction.”  – Tricia Mullins, NewPath’s Cheif Impact Officer

NewPath’s DEIB Team

NewPath consistently prioritizes integrating Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) best practices. Building upon our volunteer team-driven committee, we have implemented a comprehensive strategy that addresses all our stakeholders, divided into three key segments: Equitable Policy, Team Member Belonging and Inclusion, and Client and Community Engagement. Each segment is supported by a dedicated committee led by a chairperson to identify activities, policies, and procedures that actively promote DEIB.

DEIB Steering Committee

The Steering Committee, made up of a chair, co-chair, and executive sponsor, guides and executes NewPath’s strategic goals and objectives related to diversity, equity, and inclusion in alignment with the organizational goals and mission. It facilitates and collaborates with the efforts of sub-committees.

DEIB Sub-Committees

Workforce: Equitable Policy

Our dedicated group collaborates with Human Resources to ensure our workforce is a true reflection of our diverse community. Through initiatives such as career fairs, diverse job boards, college fairs, and community conversations, we strive to expand our recruitment efforts to attract team members of varied backgrounds.

Simultaneously, this group takes responsibility for crafting and updating all NewPath policies and procedures through an equity lens, eliminating unintentional exclusion from our services and fostering a successful work experience.

Workplace: Team Member Belonging and Inclusion

This working group is focused on identifying engaging activities and training opportunities that nurture a culture of belonging. Complementing our existing engagement strategy, this group explores diverse activities that provide education and exposure to different cultures.

Alongside the mandatory annual and new hire DEIB training, the group identifies additional topics to broaden our workforce and clients’ understanding of various backgrounds and cultures, ultimately enhancing our ability to serve youth across communities.

Community: Client and Community Engagement

Equally important to our internal culture, NewPath is committed to improving our image within the community. This involves evaluating our public perception and participating in activities to enhance our exposure. By participating in cultural events, we aim to broaden our reach in serving youth in need. This workgroup strategically develops initiatives that support our clients’ well-being and promote our services across diverse communities.

Through a collaborative and inclusive approach, we remain steadfast in ensuring that DEIB practices form our agency’s core identity. By tapping into the wealth of knowledge and talent within NewPath Child & Family Solutions, we aspire to become a premier Mental and Behavioral health agency where individuals seek care, build their careers, volunteer, and invest.

DEIB Team Members

The DEIB Team is a deliberate meeting of all the committee members to advance the work of all the DEIB committees combined. It makes strategic decisions and acts as an advisory body to NewPath Leadership on matters promoting diverse and equitable representation and contribution to accomplishing NewPath’s mission.

Executive Sponsor

Tricia Mullins, Chief Impact Officer


Dottie Bayless, Experiential Program Manager
Anna Marie Logan, Workforce Development Coordinator

Sub-Committee Leaders

Workforce Committee Leader
Regina Woodson, Family Nurse Practitioner

Workplace Committee Leader
Nancy Martin, Quality Improvement Coordinator

Community Committee Leader
Shandra Washington, Care Coordinator

All Members

Rebekah Adkins, Therapist–Residential Interventions

Peter Baako, Program Manager– My First Place and Independent Living Services

Danielle Burris, Group Leader–Day Treatment

Derek Chiteve, HR Specialist

Thomas Curran, Foster Care Program Manager

Kymberly Davis, Administrative Assistant

Cassandra Lane, Housing Specialist–My First Place

Nancy Martin, Quality Improvement Coordinator

Jaylyn Sedziol, Scheduling Specialist

Shandra Washington, Care Coordinator–Hamilton County West

Monica Watson, Food Service Manager

Regina Woodson, Family Nurse Practitioner

“Quote from DEIB Member about why they are involved” – Firstname Lastname

“Quote from DEIB Member about what having this committee at NewPath means to them.” – Firstname Lastname

“Quote from DEIB Member about what DEIB means to them.” -Firstname Lastname

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