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From Professionals (external)

I want to take this opportunity to thank you and Alisha for all that you have done for my client. Actually, I want to thank the entire staff. I have been impressed with the level of care and concern that has been shown for my client and his family, and I know that the progress he has made has been because of the high level of professionalism and care that he has been given.

My client has much to learn to be able to function in society and I feel confident that if there is any hope for him, it is because of what you do. It is touching to see him interact in meetings, and it is clear he feels safe and nurtured in your facility. His progress has been amazing, and I appreciate how the staff has been firm, but kind, in holding him accountable and noticing his small successes.

His mother feels comfortable with his placement; his teacher works with him at his level and is encouraging him to work hard; he is making progress in therapy, groups and peer relationships. He has only been with you since August and I am amazed at how well he is progressing.

Thanks so much for all the extra little things that you do that make a big difference for a very troubled young man.
–Su Randall, CASA

NewPath’s staff really cares. They are professionals when it comes to facilitating the referral process, knowledgeable about the needs of students receiving services, and empathetic in their implementation of such services. Their cooperation is greatly appreciated, as is the support they provide to our students.
–Brady Metz, M.S. School Psychologist

As a lead agency, NewPath has a wide array of programs and services that meet unique needs in a diverse client population. These supports can be paired well with educational services delivered by school districts or with NewPath’s campus-based education programs. As a school district representative who makes referrals for students, I appreciate NewPath’s centralized intake process.
–Kevin Jamison, Ed.D., LPCC, LSW

From Youth

“When I came to NewPath, I was about seven and started in the school program. Not much happened when I started, some of the work was hard but I tried my best. I love school but some kids try to make me mad but I ignore them. Since I’ve been at NewPath, I quit acting up here and I always make good choices, I’m a straight A student and a positive role model for other students. I’m continuing to grow each day. I’ve learned a lot while I’ve been here and I’m ready to start at another school because I have my act together and I’m a better person now.”

“I was afraid to go to a behavioral school. My fear was I would not make any friends or get along with anyone and also not get to see my other friends. I then realized that I am getting along with other kids and making friends at NewPath!”

“Good job on your work with me and my mom.”

“I love NewPath services and TIP program because they have helped me turnaround my life.”

“Since transitioning out of another agency, my family and I have seen progress within six months of being with NewPath.”
–female, 16

“I like NewPath because we get to play with toys and get presents for good behavior. I also I enjoy playing games with my Therapist and Case Manager.”
–male, 10

“I like coloring with my Therapist and Family Support Worker. I like talking with them too about my feelings.”
–female, 6

From Parents

Dear Ms. Andrea and NewPath ,
My family appreciates all that you do for us. We were pleasantly surprised by the generosity displayed during the holiday season. Each of my children cherished the gifts they received from your organization. The coats really mean so much to me as their mother. Ms. Andrea, I want to personally thank YOU for going above and beyond my expectations as a family support worker. We truly appreciate that you have been with us consistently for years despite the “coming and going” of other professionals. Thank you again!!
–Patricia, Autumn, and Skye

“There truly is no way that I can put into words, what NewPath has done for me and my family.
My oldest child has had amazing growth with NewPath. Everyone had given up on him and I could not
get anyone to listen or help him, but NewPath came to our rescue. I couldn’t have asked for a better case manager for me and my family. I say family, because they took on not only my three children, but also became my support system when I had none. My children feel safe, secure, wanted, loved and cared for by NewPath. It makes a big difference for them to know that they have someone else besides Mom and Dad on their side. Someone to help give them the voice they need or to help them understand that not being ‘normal’ is not a bad thing, but a unique and special blessing that they have and that they can do anything. As a Mother, I honestly do not know what I would have done with out them. They have helped me get through some of the toughest times in my life with my children.”

” NewPath has an amazing team and they are a great support system. I am very lucky to have had one of their best to take care of my family.”

“All I can say is That NewPath has become our Super Hero.”

“I feel like NewPath is such a welcoming place. They have all been wonderful to myself and my child.”

“I really appreciate you coming into my home and helping with my son.”

From Staff

“On 5/23/2005, I began what I thought to be a job but quickly turned into a career. Fresh out of college, I took a position as a Direct Care Staff to assist with resume building for Graduate School. After a few months, I was promoted to Group Facilitator where I built great rapport with highly skilled staff and could see the lasting benefits of providing therapeutic support to children, adolescents, and young adults. And after long conversations with talented therapists at NewPath I decided to return to Graduate school to pursue my Masters in Social Work. During that time, I continued to work and grow with NewPath and with graduation in sight I was offered a position as a Case Manager/Therapist. During those early years at NewPath (formerly St. Joseph Orphanage) I was offered a wealth of opportunities to grow professionally and personally. In many ways I feel like I grew up at NewPath and at all major life events I have experienced, a member from NewPath has been present. NewPath continues to be a family.

Almost 11-years later, I have been fortunate to see several youth graduate, get jobs, improve their relationships with family members, and to make truly remarkable changes. Over ten years ago, I did not see myself writing this as a Clinical Director but I would not have wanted in any other way. I am lucky to have worked, work, and continue to work with such great, skilled, caring, and compassionate people. “
–Donald Kuchey

“I feel so blessed to work with such a great organization! There is no better feeling than knowing showing up to “work” every day is making an impact in nearly 5,000 children’s lives a year. The staff (or what feels more like a family) we work with is incredible, it seems as though we took every compassionate and caring person in Cincinnati & Dayton and employed them with NewPath. I love that our staff genuinely cares about the kids we serve and consistently hear empowering testimonies from them. There are so many smiling faces that walk the halls of NewPath and occasionally a child will pop into my office and want to color with me… there are just not enough words to describe how wonderful it is to work at a place with such a great mission.”
–Kate Burkhardt

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