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Spring into Hope

Ways YOU Can Make a Difference This Season

Spring is here! With the changing season comes the promise of new beginnings on the horizon for many, and our clients are no different!

Spring is the Season of Change

Spring is here! With the changing season comes the promise of new beginnings on the horizon for many. The children, teens, and
young adults we support on their journey toward healing are no different. Hope continues to shine in the hearts of our clients just
as the warm sun does above. We invite you to take that glistening ray of hope and illuminate a path toward brighter futures for
those in need.

Who needs your support?

NewPath Child & Family Solutions recently welcomed two brothers, Zeke and Zion*, to our services. Two years ago, the boys
were given up and passed around to reside with different family friends. Zeke and Zion ended up in the home of a cruel individual
that locked them in cages, fed them dog food, and burned them with hairspray as an accelerant

Once the county discovered their living conditions, NewPath collaborated and worked tirelessly to relocate them to the safety of
our Residential Interventions services. Zeke and Zion are now thriving on comprehensive treatment plans across many of our
services, including Medical Management and Outpatient Therapy. Both boys continue to improve daily and were recently elected
“Residents of the Month” because of their improvement and unyielding strength.

*Names changed for privacy protection.

How Can you make an impact?

The incredible story of Zeke and Zion is just one example of thousands of ongoing client journeys within our organization. NewPath
provides expert trauma-informed care to children, teens, and their families on the road toward healing, but we can’t accomplish this

Each healing journey begins with your reliable partnership. We invite you to join the Pave the Way Club, a dedicated group of
donors committed to Igniting Hope. Changing Futures. through recurring monthly gifts. Invest in our clients’ futures by becoming
a part of the ever-important system of solutions that NewPath youth rely on to heal.

We Are Here to Support Your Giving Journey

The NewPath Development Team is here to help. If you have questions, please call Connie Ring, Director of Philanthropic
Giving, at (513) 653-0933, or send an email to

Thank you for paving a continuous path for children and teens on their healing journeys toward brighter futures. Together, we
can continue Igniting Hope. Changing Futures.


We are grateful for all kindness and support community members like you have given us through the years. Your continued support makes life-altering changes and opportunities in our children’s lives that will follow them forever. Without you, we cannot have the great success and community impact we are so proud of.


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