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Overcoming Anxiety Child Success Story

December 20, 2021

“Each day got easier as Sophia now reports school as one of her favorite places.”

Sophia Overcomes Her Anxiety

At only eleven years old Sophia suffered from extreme anxiety. Her anxiety prevented her from attending school and she even began to fall behind at school.

Sophia was referred to NewPath Child & Family Solutions’ education program by her public school. However, she still struggled with regular attendance.  Determined to help Sophia, the staff of NewPath decided to take a very gradual approach to addressing Sophia’s anxiety. Jumping into too much treatment could overwhelm her and cause her anxiety to worsen.

With this in mind, NewPath sent a community-based case manager to her home during the summer. Starting therapy from an established safe space, allows Sophia to be open to the new experiences her therapy will bring. Moving slowly with Sophia, the case manager focused on building a strong foundation and rapport.

From there, the case manager was able to help Sophia learn new coping mechanisms and grow. The case manager even helped her mother recognize ways that she was accidentally supporting Sophia’s anxiety.  The next step was working all summer to prepare for the upcoming school year.

On the first day at school Sophia only made it through a half-day due to her anxiety.  On the second day, Sophia was able to get herself up in the morning and walked to school on her own!  Each day got easier and Sophia now reports school as one of her favorite places.  She attends daily, plays with friends, and works hard to earn good grades.  She has opened up so much that she has identified some therapy issues with the case manager.  Although she was nervous, she trusted her case manager. Working together, she is now working with a therapist to continue to learn new coping skills for her anxiety.  Sophia now has a bright future full of possibilities!