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Online Adoptions & Foster Care

July 27, 2020

Online Adoptions
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Online Adoptions & Foster Care – Here to Stay

Online adoptions are now available in Hamilton County, Ohio. There are over 400 child in Hamilton County alone still waiting on adoption. The need for foster parents and foster-to-adopt parents is still a pressing need as well. NewPath Child & Family Solutions (formerly St. Joseph Orphanage) offers a variety of benefits to our foster parents. Background checks and screenings of all potential foster parents ensures the safety of any children placed in their care.

How to Foster or Adopt During COVID-19

Getting started with online adoptions and foster care is a process, but is one that NewPath helps you every step of the way.  Getting stated is easy! Reach out to us no matter where you are at in the process.  Do you have questions? Want more information about fostering or adopting? Are you ready to get started?  Below are some helpful tips to help you on your journey:

Foster Care and Foster-to-Adopt
1) Inquire online or by calling our remote foster care number: (513) 549-7788
2) Our agency would respond and reach back out to you
3) Once you are ready, we would connect you with the Virtual Training Session Schedule
4) You would complete the Foster Parent Training online
5) We would provide a Home Study (we will help you prepare and teach you everything you need to know)
6) The process to become an Ohio Licensed Home would begin and you would receive your licensure!
7) Once you are licensed, you are ready to start taking placements of children in your loving home.
8) We will continue to be a support as you obtain a placement offering advice, support, and services

Benefits Virtual Training Sessions

We have heard from several foster parents and future foster parents that virtual training offers more convenience to complete the training from their home.  Foster parents that would not normally be able to complete training due to schedule conflicts.  We have heard from several parents that the opportunity to do training online has been a blessing to fulfill their calling to help children find loving homes. NewPath is a family-oriented group that takes care of one another and has created innovative ways to support our families.

How Can I Learn More About Fostering/Adopting

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