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Behavioral Health Care Worker Shortage

Right When We Need Them Most

Staffing shortages impact child care agencies across the country and right here in Ohio.

Staffing Behavioral Health Agencies

NewPath Child & Family Solutions (formerly St. Joseph Orphanage) recently spoke with WVXU: NPR News Cincinnati Edition as a subject matter expert. NewPath team members utilized their knowledge as a premier behavioral health, educational, and child welfare provider in Southwest Ohio to reflect on the topic. Ohio faces a severe shortage of behavioral health workers — the professionals who provide mental health and addiction care.

The Ohio Council of Behavioral Health and Family Services survey found that 98% of behavioral health agencies were experiencing difficulty recruiting staff, with 88% reported issues retaining staff once they were hired.

Unfortunately, this shortfall comes as the opioid crisis and COVID-19 pandemic increase demand for behavioral health workers’ vital services.

Joining Cincinnati Edition to discuss the shortfall and what can be done to address it is Ohio Council of Behavioral Health & Family Services Providers CEO, Teresa Lampl;  NewPath Child & Family Solutions CEO, Eric Cummins; and NewPath Chief Impact Officer, Tricia Mullins.

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Lucy May interviewed educators, child care providers, and behavioral health agency experts to provide awareness of the staffing shortages in Ohio and the children and families in our communities and what we are doing to help those who need it most.

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