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Legacy in Motion

195-Year-Old Nonprofit to Transition to New Location

NewPath Child & Family Solutions has announced the transition to a new location to expand its reach in mental health services, education, and foster care.

Expanding Reach for Mental Health Services, Education, and Foster Care

CINCINNATI, OHIO (April 24, 2024)—After nearly two centuries of dedicated community service, NewPath Child & Family Solutions (formerly St. Joseph Orphanage) is excited to announce an upcoming relocation of its headquarters to Bond Hill, specifically the historic St. Aloysius building.

NewPath Child & Family Solutions is one of Cincinnati’s oldest non-profits, offering services to the tristate community for children and families seeking comprehensive mental health, educational treatment, independent living, and foster care services. This change carries out a commitment to meeting ever-evolving client needs, challenges, and possibilities.

The transition to the new space will occur throughout the summer after building renovations are completed, prior to the start of the 2024 school year.

“’NewPath’ instills the confidence and opportunity we want every child to feel when they see that their life can move in a new direction,” said Eric Cummins, CEO of NewPath since 2014. “That idea is echoed in our brand promise: ‘Igniting Hope. Changing Futures.’ As we expand into more communities, as we form more partnerships, as we explore more opportunities for services, these ideals will help us stay true to our heritage.”

The organization has come a long way since 1829, when four Sisters of Charity opened St. Joseph Orphanage (now NewPath Child & Family Solutions) and took in 32 children orphaned by the cholera epidemic. Today, no longer an orphanage, the agency serves youth needs in behavioral and mental health, specialized education, independent living, and foster care in southwest Ohio.

The new location will support the organization’s goal to expand services and reach more people in our region. In the 2023 fiscal year alone, NewPath supported 9,201 youth and families in southwest Ohio, comprised of 85,484 service interactions, with 14,250 telehealth appointments, 51 new foster child placements, and 92 total foster youth in care.

NewPath has seen a steady increase in demand for mental health services for children and families. By the conclusion of the 2023 calendar year, NewPath significantly impacted nearly 11,000 lives in Southwest Ohio alone. However, this figure, impressive as it is, does not address a statewide issue that NewPath also faces: the escalating number of youth they cannot accommodate each year due to capacity limitations. NewPath is actively responding to this challenge by investing in a new space to better address the growing demand for children’s mental health services.

“For people facing the most difficult times in their lives, holding onto hope can feel next to impossible,” said Cummins. “At NewPath, by building skills and awakening their personal strengths, we help people prepare for a journey that could change their life forever.”

If you would like to support NewPath Child & Family Solutions in the work they do or learn more about how you can help, don’t hesitate to visit or contact or call (855) 577-PATH (7284).

NEWPATH CHILD AND FAMILY SOLUTIONS ignites hope and changes futures by providing access to expert, specialized, and comprehensive trauma-informed care. Services include behavioral and mental health treatment, specialized education, independent living, and foster care placement. Headquartered in Monfort Heights (soon to be Bond Hill), they maintain four facilities in three counties to serve the needs of thousands of tristate children and families each year.