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National Volunteer Week

Honoring Those that Help Others

The third week in April each year is National Volunteer Week. NewPath not only appreciates the efforts of all our donors and volunteers, but also wants to highlight those that continue to partner with us each year.

A Little Time. A Big Impact.

At NewPath Child & Family Solutions (formerly St. Joseph Orphanage), we ignite hope by bringing people together to impact our community, change lives, and make a difference. Volunteering is an excellent opportunity to foster relationships with co-workers and church members or even meet new people, while contributing to a worthy cause. NewPath offers a range of commitment levels, from one-time volunteer tasks to long-term involvement. NewPath is constantly growing and innovating new ways to help the community, resulting in a growing list of volunteer needs. However, these existing opportunities aren’t limitations. In fact, all volunteers are invited to get creative and start a service project based on their passions.

Be a part of something bigger through volunteering and living our Guiding Principles. These essential traits ignite hope, guide our interactions, and change futures.

  • Empowerment: Teach, challenge, and support each person to tap into their personal strengths.
  • Empathy: Create a culture of acceptance and respect for all.
  • Creativity: Adapt to the uniqueness of each person and their journey.
  • Determination: Demonstrate an unwavering belief in each person’s potential and abilities.
  • Collaboration: Connect and communicate to build rapport and strengthen relationships.

National Volunteer Week is a time to show appreciation for all the volunteers who have donated their time in the past. Thank you for your continued efforts to make a difference. Additionally, this is an invitation to new members of the NewPath community to become a part of something bigger.

Volunteers – Living our Guiding Principles

Creativity – Finding New Ways to Help Others

Rhonda Laney exemplifies our Guiding Principle of Creativity. She has found new and innovative ways to support NewPath, our clients, and our mission. Rhonda has been a generous partner of NewPath for nearly 11 years. Each year she and a group of friends provide holiday gifts to NewPath’s clients in Residential Intervention Services. Rhonda also created a birthday card writing program and played an integral role in developing our Welcome Center located at NewPath East. “At the end of the day, these kids just want someone to spend time with them and make them feel loved.” – Rhonda L.

Collaboration – Working together to change lives

Jeff Rosa embodies our Guiding Principle of Collaboration. In partnership with his friends, family, and NewPath’s Development Department, Jeff organizes a holiday party each year. The party benefits all NewPath clients enrolled in Residential Intervention Services and Independent Living Services. This 21-year legacy has provided endless fun, hot meals, and true holiday joy to hundreds of NewPath youth. In many cases, these children wouldn’t have the opportunity to celebrate at all. “These kids find such happiness not just from getting gifts off a list, but that someone took the time to find it for them.” – Jeff R.

Empathy – Serving Others through understanding

Dan Russell personifies our Guiding Principle of Empathy. He understands what the children and families whom NewPath supports go through because Dan’s father was an orphan. Raised with prioritizing the service of others, Dan has partnered with NewPath for many years through charitable contributions and volunteerism. NewPath is a former orphanage currently continuing the mission of helping youth in need. Therefore, it has created a special connection to Dan’s father, family, and, most importantly, himself.

Empowerment – Igniting hope and positively impacting lives

Dave and Amy Deger epitomize our Guiding Principle of Empowerment. Dave and Amy’s connection to NewPath begins fifty years ago. Amy’s mother was a volunteer at NewPath West (then St. Joseph Orphanage Villa). Growing up volunteering to help children and families in need instilled a lifelong mission of positively impacting others’ lives in Amy. Additionally, Dave has been a Board of Directors member for several years. He currently serves on the Development Committee and will soon move to the Building Committee. “We place NewPath so high on our giving of time, treasure, and talent because we positively change people’s lives in need, the size, and the organization’s strength.” – Dave D.

Determination – Refusing to give up on making a difference

NewPath has refused to give up on our mission of being the premier behavioral health, specialized education, and child welfare agency in Cincinnati for over 190 years. Every program and service offers our clients and their families the opportunity for positive change, every care plan improves lives and every NewPath Team Member ignites hope, one success story at a time. However, we can’t accomplish this alone. Join us by investing in your community and bringing hope and healing to children and families recovering from trauma.

Give Time. Change Lives.

In honor of National Volunteer Week, sign up with your social groups, companies, clubs, and individuals to volunteer on or off-campus. There is an abundance of ways you can volunteer your time to make an impact! To learn more about how you can volunteer, please fill out the below contact form.


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