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NewPath Volunteers: A Year of Impact

National Volunteer Week 2024

The third week in April each year is National Volunteer Week. Join us as we look back at the difference NewPath volunteers have made in the past year!

A Little Time. A Big Impact.

At NewPath Child & Family Solutions, we ignite hope by bringing people together to impact our community, change lives, and make a difference. Volunteering is a great opportunity to foster relationships with co-workers and community members or even meet new people while contributing to a worthy cause. NewPath offers a range of commitment levels, from one-time volunteer tasks to long-term involvement. NewPath is constantly growing and innovating new ways to help the community, resulting in a growing list of volunteer needs. However, NewPath’s current opportunities aren’t limitations. In fact, all volunteers are invited to get creative and start a service project based on their passions.

Be a part of something bigger through volunteering and living our Guiding Principles. These essential traits ignite hope, guide our interactions, and change futures.

  • Empowerment: Teach, challenge, and support each person to tap into their personal strengths.
  • Empathy: Create a culture of acceptance and respect for all.
  • Creativity: Adapt to the uniqueness of each person and their journey.
  • Determination: Demonstrate an unwavering belief in each person’s potential and abilities.
  • Collaboration: Connect and communicate to build rapport and strengthen relationships.

National Volunteer Week is a time to show appreciation for those who have donated their time in the past. Thank you for your continued efforts to make a difference. Additionally, this is an invitation to new members of the NewPath community to become a part of something bigger.

Volunteers – Living our Guiding Principles


SAF Holland has partnered with NewPath since 2021 through in-kind donation drives, monetary investment, and volunteerism. Their employees have made fun memories for NewPath youth by playing games, hosting holiday parties, and completing crafts. For many NewPath youth, the act of people showing up for them and the knowledge that someone cares can be enough to start the healing process.

“We believe that our largest impact on those around us comes from us showing that we care about them. Items and food are always great donations, but to spend quality time with those we serve and make memories together through volunteering by playing games, having parties, and crafts offers the largest impact.“ – Debbie Picchione, Human Resource Manager-SAF Holland Inc., Cincinnati & Phoenix Divison


NewPath supporters Jim Redmond and Rick Schwartz created an annual golf outing with the dual goals of having fun and raising funds to support NewPath’s mission. Last year, Jim’s family felt the loss of his stillborn grandson just days before the first non-outing. The newly named Annual Carter Ritchie Memorial Non-Outing Golf Outing makes a difference in the lives of NewPath youth while honoring the memory of Jim’s late grandson. Over the past two years, this event has raised over $6,500 to support the children, teens, and young adults of NewPath recovering from trauma. This event continues to grow each year and truly follows our mission of Igniting Hope and Changing Futures.

“As we discussed it [the event], we decided it would be a non-outing outing. Just golf with friends and limited prizes in order to maximize the impact for NewPath. Our hope is that this event that came to be amid our heartbreak will help ease the pain of some of those facing heartbreaking challenges.” – Jim Redmond, NewPath Emeritus Board Member


Eileen Kisker and the Monfort Heights Garden Club have tended to NewPath’s front garden at our West Campus location for nearly 20 years. The flower beds were initially installed by Eileen and (now NewPath) St. Joseph Orphanage staff to help add beauty and joy to the front entrance of NewPath’s building. Since that first day, Eileen returns each spring to plant new life and tend to the garden. This past year, Eileen handed the reigns to Monfort Heights Garden Club members Mary Ungrund and Patti Moravec. This may seem like a simple act of planting flowers, but the moment of happiness they bring to NewPath clients and their families upon entering our facility truly makes a difference in their day and lives. Even the smallest of gestures can lead to a much larger impact.

“Our Garden Club takes care of many garden beds for non-profit or government agencies. Our goal is to help beautify our neighborhood businesses! It is always fun watching the small plants grow and bloom, knowing it brings happiness to others that see them.” – Patti Moravec, Monfort Heights Garden Club


Longtime NewPath supporter and Board Member Billy Southerland began his story with our organization at age 10. Young Billy was struggling with severe anxiety and panic attacks brought on by his parents’ separation. Crippled by fears of coming home to an empty house alone, Billy couldn’t participate in school or daily activities. A therapist suggested he stay at a local youth organization to begin his healing journey. Billy was then moved to St. Joseph Orphanage (now NewPath), where he worked through and coped with his overwhelming emotions and fears.

Today, Billy works to pay his healing forward to thousands of youth. He and his company, IronRoad, continue to partner with NewPath through volunteerism, item donations, event sponsorship, and more! Billy knows firsthand the difference and impact NewPath makes each day.

“My family and I will be forever grateful for the role St. Joes Orphanage [NewPath] and the loving people there played in our lives. What happened with my family and the healing that took place for all of us is what drives me to come back and serve at NewPath. My hope and prayer is that this community will recognize that they can be a part of that answer. Together, Cincinnati, we can do it!” – Billy Southerland, NewPath Board Member


During the 2023 NFL football season, Cincinnati Bengals Defensive End Trey Hendrickson (#91) selected NewPath Child & Family Solutions for the “My Cause. My Cleats.” campaign. The campaign consisted of various professional football players selecting a meaningful organization to promote during the thirteenth and fourteenth weeks of regular season play. Trey wore his heart on his cleats by creating and wearing custom NewPath-designed footwear for game day warm-ups. After the game, Trey donated the cleats to NewPath to express his appreciation for our mission and the service he has provided through his ongoing partnership.

Starting in the Fall of 2023, Trey has come weekly to NewPath’s East and West campuses to play dodgeball, kickball, and hang out with NewPath youth. Joseph Ossai, Cam Sample, and additional Bengals teammates have also joined in the fun! The consistency and connection each of these players provides to NewPath youth does more than offer a little fun to their week. It proves that someone cares and continues to show up for them. Sometimes, just that is enough to help them heal.

“On my days off, I’m able to come here [to NewPath] and play dodgeball and kickball with the kids. It’s giving to the kids, but you almost receive more than you give. It keeps you coming back for more.” – Trey Hendrickson, #91 Cincinnati Bengals

Current and Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities

  • Resource Center volunteers
  • Holiday Helper volunteers
  • Individual/Group Donation Drives

Give Time. Change Lives.

In honor of National Volunteer Week, sign up with your social groups, companies, clubs, or even alone to volunteer on or off campus. There are many ways you can volunteer your time to make an impact! To learn more about how you can volunteer, please fill out the contact form below.

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