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The coolest thing I saw: Learning to ride the dirt bikes in the motorbike program. At first, I didn’t think I could do it and was afraid, but then with help from a friend, I did!
If I could do anything, I would: Be a professional basketball player
When I grow up, I want to be: A basketball coach for little kids
Something funny about me: I’m a jokester, I like to make jokes!
Favorite Food Pizza

Overcoming Residential Treatment & Graduation

AT THE AGE OF 17, TYRESE HAD ALREADY experienced various residential treatment programs due to struggles with his behavior in school and the community. Finally last fall, Tyrese was referred to St. Joseph Orphanage’s residential program for therapy, case management and educational services. Nearing the finish line, everyone agreed the main focus was for Tyrese to successfully graduate.

“I really wanted help to complete high school,” he says, “but at the same time, I struggled with wanting to return home.” Tyrese’s team worked hard to keep him focused on his goal, and were successful in engaging him in the educational and therapeutic services needed to get him there. Tyrese began to understand he was making progress, which helped affirm his resolve to stick with the program.

Over the following months, team members uncovered lost credits in previous educational placements and determined that Tyrese had enough credits to graduate in 2017. When presented with the option of graduating or remaining in the program to pursue vocational training through Cincinnati Public Schools, Tyrese thrilled everyone by making the mature decision to accept the offer of job training and deferring his diploma for one more year. He will continue to receive St. Joseph Orphanage’s services as he transitions to community education and makes plans for a successful future.