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The coolest thing I saw: I went to Dubai and Tanzania
If I could do anything, I would: Go to Tanzania again
When I grow up, I want to be: I will work in a tech environment
Something funny about me: I lock myself out of my apartment all the time
Favorite Food Skyline Chili

Overcoming PTSD & ADHD

FOLLOWING HIS DISCHARGE FROM THE HOSPITAL for paranoia and anxiety, Christopher was admitted into St. Joseph Orphanage to participate in their Transition to Independence Program (TIP) as he entered his junior year of high school. TIP is a community-based program to support teenagers and young adults transitioning into adulthood while managing the additional complexities of mental illness.

A dual-diagnosis of PTSD and ADHD made school work and social activities challenging, but Christopher made tremendous progress once in treatment, even serving as president of the community youth government organization in his senior year of high school. “I had never really considered life beyond high school,” says Christopher, “because just getting through those four years was such a struggle. My team at St. Joe’s encouraged me to work hard to overcome the barriers I had to attending college.”

Anxious about life beyond high school and not feeling confident about the possibility of continuing his education, Christopher started to let the symptoms of his ADHD take over, as he started procrastinating and becoming disorganized. He made the decision to start learning about what triggers his symptoms, which improved his mood and strengthened his resolve to overcome his challenges.

With constant encouragement and motivation from his treatment team, Christopher made the decision to go to college. Today, Christopher is entering his third year at the University of Cincinnati, pursuing a degree in International Business and Information Systems. He is currently preparing to study for the GMAT, hoping to continue his education by enrolling in graduate school. Christopher expresses appreciation on a constant basis for all the support and treatment recommendations he has received and continues to receive from St. Joseph Orphanage.