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The coolest thing I saw: Go to Camp Joy
If I could do anything, I would: Jump out of an airplane
When I grow up, I want to be: A WNBA basketball player
Something funny about me: Something funny about me: I like to be silly, a comedian My quote: I have a great smile
Favorite Food Pizza

Overcoming Suicidal Thoughts

WHEN AMIYA AND HER MOTHER found their way to St. Joseph Orphanage several years ago, their lives were in turmoil. After being sexually abused at the hands of a family member, Amiya was a shell of her former self. The once lively little girl had become quiet and withdrawn. Plagued by auditory hallucinations during the day and nightmares every evening, Amiya was struggling. She avoided social settings and activities that might result in her being separated from her mother.

“We were truly blessed to find St. Joe’s when we did,” said Asha, Amiya’s mother. Thanks to the efforts of her therapist, Amiya has made great strides in just a short time. Through the utilization of coping techniques and play therapy, Amiya has become equipped with the tools needed to combat her anxiety. But according to Asha, the staff at St. Joseph Orphanage did more than save her daughter, they helped her heal too.

“I knew that if I wanted Amiya to heal, then I would have to set the example,” says Asha. “The staff was there to guide us both through the process.” Though it has taken time, Amiya is now a model student who enjoys participating in groups and interacting with her classmates. She is determined to greet every new day with a smile and is learning to live again, one step at a time.