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Mental Health School Partner

August 16, 2018

Back To School at Ethel Taylor

Mental Health School Partner Welcomes Students

Back To School can can be a fun or scary time for students. Ethel M. Taylor Academy and St. Joseph Orphanage gathered to welcome students back to school in an exciting and fun way. Students at Ethel M. Taylor Academy received a warm welcome when they went back to class on Wednesday. Students were greeted by cheers and a love tunnel.

This is St. Joe’s 3rd year being the Mental Health Partner at Ethel M. Taylor Academy through a collaboration with MindPeace.

Mykish Summers (SJO) said, “St. Joe’s looks forward to continued partnership and success with Ethel Taylor’s new Principal, Pia Spaulding, and the wonderful staff that are dedicated to seeing the success of the students served at this great school “

Behavioral Health Team Community Mental Health Partner

SJO Staff at Ethel M. Taylor Academy (Mental Health Partner)

Councilman Jeff Pastor & Mykish Summers (SJO)

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