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Foster Mom to Adoptive Mom

Ohio Adoption 

For years, Treka Engleman wanted to be a foster parent. In 2016, she began taking classes with St. Joseph’s Orphanage and went on to foster Elijah, Alexis and Mercedes. She soon fell in love with the kids and adopted all three of them. Treka shares her story with us:

“Elijah came to me when he was only 5 days old and he is now 3 years old. Alexis came to me in May 2017 without her sister Mercedes. We soon connected with Mercedes who was in a group home and she moved in with us March 2018.

Elijah is the lil’ man of the house. He is so smart but can be very busy. He loves his sisters very much.

Alexis is the talker of the family. She is great at making friends and she loves to help others. She is in the 7th grade at Winton Woods.

Mercedes is in the 11th grade at Aiken and she is the athlete of the family. She plays volleyball, basketball, and softball and she says sports keep her out of trouble.”

Adoptive Family

Treka’s selfless love for Elijah, Alexis and Mercedes undoubtably has had an incredibly positive impact on their lives. You can become a foster/adoptive parent just like Treka did and change the lives of children in need. Fill out the form below to learn more.

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