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Illustration of Louie the Lion

Louie the Lion

NewPath’s Newest & Cuddliest Team Member

Louie may look like just a little stuffed lion, but he has a BIG responsibility!

Who is Louie the Lion?

Meet Louie the Lion, NewPath’s newest and cuddliest team member. He might seem like just a little stuffed lion, but he has BIG responsibilities. For many, the lion symbolizes bravery and strength. For enrolled NewPath youth, Louie also represents HOPE. NewPath Child & Family Solutions is a positive source of renewal, where children and families turn to recover and rebuild strength in the aftermath of traumatic situations.

The Story of Louie the Lion

Watch Louie in action and see one way you can impact a child’s life.

More than a stuffed lion

To understand the impact Louie can have on a child recovering from trauma, think of the children in your life. In fact, think back to your own childhood and a time you were frightened or experienced an obstacle. Who did you turn to? Who was there to comfort you? For the children and families of our community, NewPath is there to help our clients build resilience and the inner power they need to continue growing and preparing for the future.

And Louie the Lion? Well, Louie is there to comfort them along the way.

Louie is the tight squeeze a new residential youth needs to feel safe enough to fall asleep. He is the first cuddly friend a student makes as they transition to a new school. Louie is a warm hug at the end of a long, successful day of therapy and treatment. He is a consistent friend that travels with a foster child during an inconsistent time. Above all, Louie reminds a child in need that someone is out there rooting for them.

Can’t get enough louie?

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Give Hope to a Child in Need

Adopt Louie the Lion

Donate Louie the Lion to a child enrolled in NewPath’s services and on the road to recovery from trauma.

Purchase a Louie and give more than just a stuffed lion —give the gift of comfort, love, and HOPE.

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