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Summer 2023

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A Message from NewPath’s Chief Impact Officer

“The results of philanthropy are always beyond calculation.” – Miriam Beard

This quote speaks volumes to the impact your continued generosity brings forth for our agency. As we wrapped up our fiscal year in June, I am excited to share we saw an increase in engagement resulting in higher contributions than the year prior. While these are data points to celebrate the real celebration is the amount of support we continue to infuse in our youth.

Because of you, we are able to provide new clothing for youth entering our residential program with nothing more than the clothes they are wearing. Create summer fun experiences such as kayaking, swimming, and festivals. Ensure that the student who presented to class every morning hungry has access to adequate meals, not only at school but home too. And so much more.

We recognize that of the 1.5 million non-profits in the country, you chose NewPath Child & Family Solutions as a charitable priority, and for that, we thank you. The work our team does day in and day out is challenging, but without the support of donors, volunteers, and friends it would be impossible.

Thank you for continuing to Ignite Hope. Change Futures for the youth and families we serve.

Supporter Highlights

Individual Giving Spotlight – The gift of a brighter future

A married couple who would like to remain anonymous recently gifted $5,000 toward supporting the post-graduate ambitions of our clients.

At NewPath, we believe every enrolled teen has the potential to achieve their goals and lead successful careers after graduation. Due to financial and environmental challenges, many of our youth don’t have access to the same educational and employment opportunities as their community peers. Inspired by the post-graduate education and career ambitions of our clients, this couple immediately invested in NewPath youth’s futures. Stating that it meant so much to be a part of helping support these young adults as they overcome their struggles and move forward into successful adult lives.

Pave the way club Story – Empathy through understanding

A Pave the Way club member who would like to remain anonymous, recently shared her story with NewPath by answering the question, “Why did you choose to donate with us?”

When she was younger, her mother mentally and physically abused her. Her mother would berate her and tell her she was worthless in private, but brag about her when friends and family were around. Her younger brother was also neglected, so she had to grow up too quickly to act as a mother figure in his life. When she found out about NewPath, our mission, and the youth we support, she felt an immediate connection to our clients recovering from trauma similar to her own. By joining the Pave the Way Club, she can now help pave a continuous path toward healing with her recurring monthly donations. Thus providing the trauma-informed care she could have benefited from in her youth.

Donor Story

Teeing off & raising funds

NewPath supporters Jim Redmond and Rick Schwartz created an annual golf outing with the dual goals of having fun and raising funds to support NewPath’s mission.

“As we discussed it [the event], we decided it would be a non-outing outing. Just golf with friends and limited prizes in order to maximize the impact for NewPath,” said Jim.

Last year, Jim’s family felt the loss of his stillborn grandson just days before the first non-outing. The newly named Annual Carter Ritchie Memorial Non-Outing Golf Outing makes a difference in the lives of NewPath youth while honoring the memory of Jim’s late grandson.

“Our hope is that this event that came to be amid our heartbreak will help ease the pain of some of those facing heartbreaking challenges,” said Jim.

Over the past two years, this event has raised over $6,500 to support the children, teens, and young adults of NewPath recovering from trauma. This event continues to grow each year and truly follows our mission of Igniting Hope and Changing Futures.

Get Involved!

Please join us as we stand by community youth in Igniting Hope. Changing Futures. Your support will help to ensure that NewPath is there for those in need—not only now but for another 190+ years!

Heart & Hope Gala

Thursday, October 12, 2023

NewPath invites you to the 2023 Heart & Hope Gala. An evening full of fun, story-telling, and celebration of our 2023 Heart, Hope, and Spark Award recipients. These awards recognize the volunteers, donors, and team members who go above and beyond to care for the children and families we support. We hope you will join us!

Join Pave the Way Club

Pave a Continuous Path Toward Healing

We invite you to join Pave the Way Club, a dedicated group of NewPath donors committed to Igniting Hope and Changing Futures through recurring monthly gifts. Invest in the work of people, united through passion, and guiding children, teens, and their families on their road to recovery from trauma. Pave a continuous path of support toward hope and growth. Each healing journey begins with your reliable partnership.

Join Pave the Way Club today and become a part of the ever-important system of solutions that NewPath youth rely on to heal.

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