Service Spotlight: Independent Living Services

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“Our goal is to help youth become adults who are able to contribute to society and meet life situations adequately and in a personally satisfying way. Where youth would otherwise be left entirely on their own at age 18, supportive independent living gives them the opportunity to practice life skills while backup supports such as guidance, emotional support, and financial assistance are provided.”

Located in Anderson, our Independent Living Services (ILS) program serves youth ages 16-21. We utilize the Transition to Independence Process Model, an evidenced-based best practice focused on behavioral change for youth through a multi-disciplinary team. Youth in our ILS program are placed in individual apartments at a clustered site with the case manager (transition facilitator) office located on-site. This office also serves as a Life Skills Center and has a Life Coach available 7 days a week.


What services does ILS offer?

  • Case Management (CPST)
  • Medication Management
  • Therapy
  • Proximity to and availability of Transition Facilitator (case manager) outside of scheduled appointment times
  • Life Skills groups twice weekly utilizing the Daniel Memorial Independent Living Curriculum
  • Access to the Life Skills Center supervised by a Life Skills Coach, open 8 am to midnight daily
  • Life Skills Center with computer and internet access for youth, a meeting area, and a working kitchen
  • Availability of a Life Skills Coach for support, teaching, and consultation

What makes us stand out?

Our team strives to be the best ILS program in Cincinnati. As a smaller agency, we believe that we are excellent at navigating and aligning our communication services. Our goal is to create a safe and supportive environment to help young adults transition successfully into adulthood. To us, success is seen when we see our youth graduating high school or getting a great job. Young adults in our ILS program get $10 put into savings for them every week. We encourage them to use the financial benefits they have available, such as grants and driving school assistance. We strive to get them housing in the community by the time they are 20 and a half years old so that they have their own place when they turn 21 and emancipate from JFS.


What are some of our success stories?

Recently, one of the young adults formerly in our program got his degree and is now working a full-time job. With help from our life coaches, he was able to save up enough money to buy a car and get his own apartment. A young lady who came to us when she was 16 years old is now successfully living on her own downtown and also has her degree. One of the young adults currently in our program recently graduated from an HVAC program and got his driver’s license as well. He plans to work in the HVAC industry and move into the community soon.

Do you want to learn more?

Visit our page for more information about the services we offer. To get someone started with our services, you can make a referral using this link.