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The Growing Need for Foster Parents

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In Ohio, there is a growing need for loving foster parents to open their homes to community youth in need. Learn more about the foster care system and explore whether becoming a licensed parent is right for you.

The Evergrowing Need for Loving Homes

There is a growing need for more foster parents to open their homes to foster youth in Ohio. NewPath Child & Family Solutions has been answering this need by working with foster youth and families for over 33 years. We understand the vital role that foster families play in this growing demand and are here to support you every step of the way on your fostering journey.  

Children enter the foster care system for various reasons, but every situation focuses on improving the child’s health and safety. In some cases, substitute care or kinship care is often considered first with the involvement of other family members, friends, or neighbors. However, foster care may be the best option to keep the child safe and healthy. 

If you feel a child needs foster care in Ohio, please call the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services at 855-OH-CHILD (855-642-4453).

Foster Hope. Foster Futures.

Every child’s experience within the foster care system is unique. By understanding the common aspects that go into a child’s time in the foster care system, we gain a more compassionate and supportive environment. 

Foster Youth Statistics

Youth are placed in the foster care system for an average of 1 to 2 years. They may exit the system for many reasons, including adoption, reunification with their parents or another family member, or aging out of the foster care system when they turn 18.  

More than 16,000 children are part of Ohio’s foster care system, but Ohio has just around 7,300 licensed foster families. Now more than ever, foster youth need a safe and loving home.  

Specifically in Hamilton County, we also see more than 4,000 children involved in the Child Protection System (CPS) a year. (

Navigating the Foster Care System

When a child first enters the foster care system, reflecting on the steps that led them to this point is essential. Whatever the reason, the child’s betterment is always first priority. 


During the placement process, most children go through an evaluation that helps understand the child’s needs and well-being. This allows the foster youth to get accurately placed with the foster family that best suits their needs. This not only helps the foster parent know the appropriate care level but also guides you and the care team in creating an individualized care plan.  

Creating a safe and nurturing environment for the foster youth allows their physical and emotional needs to be met. Foster parents play a vital role in providing this stability, care, and guidance, thus enabling a sense of belonging and support.

Transition & Reunification

In a time of transition and reunification, when possible, it is important to collaborate with social workers, the court system, and your care team to create a plan to support the child during the transition best.  

The plan may look like providing resources to the biological parents during reunification or transitioning into a permanent home. This step is crucial to keep the child’s needs met during a time of change and to foster a sense of stability.  

Overall, understanding the aspects that a foster child may face during their time in the foster system allows you, as the foster parents, to provide the most accurate and appropriate support for youth on their healing journey.  

Foster Hope Today

Currently, 16,000 youth are in foster care, and only 6,000 foster parents in Ohio, with 32% identifying in the LGBTQIA+ community. Many LGBTQIA+ foster youth struggle to find placement due to their gender identity or sexual orientation. Open your heart and your home and become a foster parent inclusive of all foster youth.

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