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Foster Parents Needed Story

May 9, 2016

Foster Parents Needed In Cincinnati & Dayton

Article via WKRC
Picture by MATT CITAK | WCPO

MONFORT HEIGHTS, Ohio (Megan Moore) – May is national foster care month.

One of the many services St. Joseph Orphanage offers is foster care serving children who have been abused or neglected and placing them in stable homes.

They are looking for people willing to open up their homes and their hearts.

One local family has done that for many.

“Our family is a circle of strength and love,” Donna Brown said.
Donna’s five children are all grown up and out of the house now, but she and her husband Charles have welcomed five more.

“My oldest son told me I have empty-nest syndrome.”

With room in their home and clearly plenty of room in their hearts, they fostered and then adopted Larron and Jylin.

“We grew attached to them and loved them and they were a part of our family and we didn’t want to let go,” Donna said.
They’re now foster parents to another little boy and twin baby girls.

“The one-year-old, well he’ll be one, and he’s very energetic.”

It’s not so much a question of how she does it, but why she does it.

“Parenting doesn’t come with instructions. You learn as you go,” Donna said. “You get to watch them grow and love them because that’s what a lot of them need, love.”
Donna says a lot has changed since the boys were first welcomed into their home.

“When I first got them, Larron said he wanted to be a thief and Jylin wanted to be a burglar. I was like huh? Now Larron wants to be a zookeeper. Jylin, he’s in between a fireman and police.”
And much like their family, they too continue to grow.

“The teachers, they tell me these boys they don’t believe they’re the same boys.”

Brittney Carden from St. Joseph Orphanage said, “We serve over 1,500 kids a day and you know we couldn’t do what we do without the support of people like Donna and her husband. It’s really beautiful to see.”

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