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Foster Parenting in Ohio

How to Begin Your Fostering Journey

Learn more about the fulfilling process of becoming a licensed foster parent in Ohio. Community foster youth need YOU. Answer the call by opening your heart and home today.

Begin Your Foster Parenting Journey

Becoming a foster parent is a beautiful and fulfilling experience that supports and encourages a child and their family during a time of change and stress. The licensing process varies in every state, resulting in different fostering requirements in Ohio compared to other states.  


Individuals over 18 who can provide a safe and loving home are welcome to apply to become foster parents! In Ohio, prospective foster parents must undergo background checks and have a stable income to support themselves and any non-foster family members in the household. 

A common myth about becoming a foster parent is that you must be married! A foster parent can be in any stage of life as long as they can give a caring and nurturing home. 


Reach out and inquire with NewPath Child & Family Solutions. We are here to help you every step of the way as you become a foster parent. We support you in many different areas, including: 

  • 24-hour treatment staff on-call 
  • Access to a full array of services 
  • knowledgeable and experienced staff that want to see you succeed  
  • Many more resources and other perks  

Pre-Service Training & Application

NewPath’s pre-service training allows foster parents to learn the basics about foster care, potential adoption protocols, and agency policies. These sessions also explore the roles of foster and foster-to-adopt parents.  

During the pre-service training, foster parents can ask questions, enhance their understanding and sensitivity to situations related to foster children’s needs, and strengthen their parenting skills. Additionally, the pre-service training provides the foster parent with information about their upcoming licensure.  

After attending all of the pre-service training sessions and finding that becoming a foster parent is right for you, the following steps involve completing a required application, undergoing a background check for yourself and other household members, and participating in a home study.  

Home Study

A home study is a report used to get to know your family and home and how you have prepared to become a foster parent. Preparing for a home study can be overwhelming, but NewPath is there to help you gather the necessary documents and answer any questions or concerns that may arise.  

 During the home study, an assessor, usually a social worker, will utilize this time to ask questions, ensure all necessary items are in place, and discuss the ages and genders of the children you want to foster.  

One myth about fostering adolescence is that foster parents have no choice in the types of children placed in their care. But in reality, you have control over which children are placed in your care, including ages and gender.  


Once you become a licensed foster parent, you will be assigned your first foster youth placements!  

A foster family is selected due to the family’s ability to meet the child’s needs. The foster family will receive detailed information about the child and information that regards any specific financial and medical resources.  

NewPath will be with you even after placement – you won’t navigate foster parenting alone! We recognize that every foster child and family has unique needs, so each family is paired with a licensed clinician to support you throughout this journey.  

Foster Hope Today

Currently, 16,000 youth are in foster care and only 6,000 foster parents in Ohio, with 32% identifying in the LGBTQIA+ community. Many LGBTQIA+ foster youth struggle to find placement due to their gender identity or sexual orientation. Open your heart and your home and become a foster parent inclusive of all foster youth.

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