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Commitment to DEI

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

NewPath recently held an organization-wide DEI training for all team and Board members. This training further supports our commitment to a diverse and inclusive working environment.

What is DEIB & Why It’s Needed

NewPath Child & Family Solutions recently hosted ELIAS Consulting for three DEIB training sessions that all NewPath team members attended and one training for our Board members. DEIB stands for “Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging.” Diversity is the combination of the gifts, talents, and attributes that makes each person unique. Equity is the fair and just opportunity for equal outcomes. Inclusion is creating and fostering a trusting culture where everyone is engaged, respected, and supported in the mission, vision, and values of the organization. Belonging is feeling connected to the organization (community, employees, and patients), where every person feels safe, valued, and appreciated.

How to Promote & Maximize DEIB

  • Focus on developing trust with one another
  • Treat everyone with dignity and respect
  • Reduce the impact of bias and behavior
  • Treat others how they want to be treated
  • Embrace uncomfortable moments and practice forgiveness
  • Appreciate and value the diversity in all of us
  • Listen actively with compassion and equity
  • Everyone has their own story
  • Start by listening to understand
  • Ask questions and encourage dialogue

NewPath’s Commitment to DEI

To achieve excellent experiences for our clients, team, and supporters, NewPath stays committed to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) and all belonging efforts. As an agency, we lean into our commitment to DEI with every decision to address our blind spots, seek diversity in all variations, empower authenticity, and hear everyone’s voice while valuing their unique perspectives both internally and externally.

One way to ensure that these best practices are constantly present across every organizational level is with the implementation of a peer-run DEI committee. NewPath’s DEI committee is run by team members and creates core competencies that reduce inequities to achieve inclusion manifested by our diverse offerings.

How DEIB Training Supports Our Mission

NewPath is an innovative behavioral health agency offering various services to youth and families in the Tri-State region. Our team is full of compassion as we strive to build hope and strengthen the lives of so many in our community. Our agency is constantly growing to meet the needs of the community. We value each individual client and the opportunity to help others overcome past traumas or life events.

“Hosting mandatory DEI training continues to share the importance and further reminds our team that we have the pleasure of working with diverse team members and clients. This gives us an opportunity to be mindful, remain patient, and able to get to know people under the surface to allow us to really lean into Therapeutic Excellence in every interaction.” Tricia Mullins, NewPath’s Cheif Impact Officer

Download NewPath’s DEIB Toolkit

Join Us in Igniting Hope. Changing Futures.

Being fulfilled in your job is important as you spend much of your time there. NewPath strives to build a culture of caring. We encourage our team to be empowering, empathetic, collaborative, creative, and determined. We offer career opportunities for entry-level, leadership, and licensed professional roles. NewPath believes in growing each employee individually to open new doors on your career path.


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