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Client Story

Currently in Her Healing Era

When Garionna, a NewPath client, received two free tickets to the Taylor Swift concert in downtown Cincinnati, she knew exactly what friend to bring. Her NewPath Life Skills Specialist!

Shaking It Off

Garionna came to NewPath Child & Family Solutions about two years ago after transferring from another residential facility. She is currently enrolled in our Independent Living Services program and working toward her goals to ensure success in adulthood. Through hard work, Garionna has been able to better her life by focusing on graduating high school, finding future employment, and exploring secondary education with the University of Cincinnati. She hopes to study social work and special education and dreams of starting her own independent living program one day.

A Night to Never Ever Ever Forget

The Concert

The Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services (JFS) received donated tickets to the Taylor Swift concert that took place in downtown Cincinnati at Paycor Stadium the first weekend in July 2023. JFS then held a promotion where a select few of their clients won two tickets—for the enrolled youth and a friend of their choosing. Much to Garionna’s surprise, she was chosen as one of the winners.

When faced with the choice of who to bring to the concert, one person instantly came to mind. She wanted her NewPath Life Skills Coach, Annabel, to share in this exciting experience!

“I was shocked. I kept asking her if she was sure because I didn’t want her to miss out on this opportunity with someone else, like one of her good friends. She told me she asked me to go because she knew how much I loved Taylor Swift and that it would be fun with me because of how much I loved her. Just another example of how selfless she is.” – Annabel

The pair had a blast dressing up and attending the concert along with all the other selected winners. They all enjoyed Taylor Swift’s performance from a party deck, where they danced and sang all night.

We ran down to the merch line together while the countdown was on, and we laughed the whole way because we were trying to beat the countdown. The concert was beyond words, amazing. We danced and sang the whole time, truly. It was so fun to be there together and watch her face light up when “We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together” came on because she has a strong love for that song. Seeing her dance and sing and make sure other clients who won tickets were included was so amazing. It was a time I will never forget.” – Annabel

Thank you, jfs!

None of this would be possible without the donated tickets from Hamilton County JFS. Thank you for providing a night that Garionna, Annabel, and all the clients that attended won’t ever forget!

“A huge thank you [to JFS]! So many clients won and got to experience this when they wouldn’t have been able to before. When I tell you, I wanted to cry watching all these clients’ faces light up when Taylor came on stage! They were so kind and really gave these kids a night they will not forget. They even made baggies of friendship bracelets so they could trade and be fully a part of the experience!” – Annabel

Individualized Care

At NewPath, we do more to make a difference —more for each child, each client, and our community. Our dedicated team does what it takes, day and night, to get to the heart of every case and deliver the best care. Backed by a full breadth of services, we cater to each individual and answer to every need. We reach more ages with more experts for more results. Every program offers the opportunity for change, every plan improves lives, and every person ignites hope, one success story at a time.

I’ve worked with this client for a year. We have grown great rapport. Garionna has worked hard in her education and looking for jobs. I have enjoyed working closely with her to figure out credits for high school, medication and medical adjustments, and navigating friendships and breakups. Watching her learn how to cook new meals and be so excited to share them with me and other staff because she is truly so proud of it never fails to warm my heart.

She is one of the most go-getter clients I have ever met! She writes notes to herself and inspirational quotes on her mirror. Currently, one says, “I am patient, so I will succeed.” She has worked so hard to graduate this coming August. She never fails to be kind to new clients coming in. She’ll go on walks or ride the bus to show them the area or watch a movie with them on their first day. All of her passion is truly what has made me such a big advocate for Garionna.– Annabel

Make an Impact at Work Every Day

At NewPath, you can make an impact every day through one of our rewarding career opportunities. Working at NewPath allows you to be a positive role model in a child’s life and help them understand the importance of healthy decisions and relationships. You will be a key person in helping youth and families through some of their most difficult times and have the opportunity to see them achieve many successes.


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