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Chief Cuddle Officer, Harper

Chief Cuddle Officer

Harper Cummins

Meet the newest and cuddliest member of the NewPath Team, and learn more about her and what she plans to bring to the organization.

Welcome Harper Cummins, Chief Cuddle Officer!

Harper joined NewPath Child & Family Solutions (formerly St. Joseph Orphanage) in 2021 and was recently promoted to be NewPath’s first-ever Chief Cuddle Officer. She is a Golden Retriever and the beloved pet of Eric Cummins, NewPath CEO. Harper attended Canines for Christ and studied to become a service dog. She is a certified therapy dog able to do work in her community. Harper works out of the front office and regularly walks throughout the NewPath Hamilton West Campus alongside Eric, greeting everyone she sees with a happy tail wag. Harper enjoys meeting new people and dogs, hiking, and chasing squirrels in her free time. She aspires to comfort and support all those she meets. As well as to eat as many snacks as possible!

Benefits of having a dog at work

  • Helps reduce stress. According to a study done by Washington State University, petting a dog for just 10 minutes causes our brains to release oxytocin and can significantly reduce stress.
  • Increases teamwork and morale. Central Michigan University conducted a study on group behavior and found that people are more “cooperative, comfortable, friendly, active, enthusiastic and attentive” when dogs are around.
  • Encourages taking a break. Walking around or spending time with a dog causes team members to take a brief break. This helps the mind refresh and recharge, increasing brain power and cognitive ability.
  • Increases productivity. A study by the University of South Carolina found “pets remind people to pause and step back from whatever they are involved in. Short walks, a little playtime, and temporary distractions allow mental breaks so as not to overwork and become stressed.”
  • Increases employee retention. Prioritizing team culture and work environment increases overall job satisfaction amongst employees.

Welcome to the Newpath team

“The kids across all the programs enjoy seeing Harper when she visits….kids and staff alike,” said Eric Cummins, NewPath CEO and owner of Harper.

“Most days in the office are filled with a constant need for redirecting your attention and moving between meetings or appointments,” said Tricia Mullins, Chief Impact Officer. “Running into Harper is an opportunity to pause, enjoy a few pets, and relax. I enjoy her visits to my office and our random encounters, but the true highlight of my day is seeing the joy she brings to the entire NewPath Team. Seeing people coming to visit her and take a moment for love and support always makes me smile.”

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