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17 Minutes For 17 Lives

March 15, 2018

17 Minutes in Honor of 17 Lives

St. Joe’s Honors Lives Lost In Florida School Shooting

Moment of Silence for Florida School Shooting
17 minutes we stood outside.  17 minutes in cold, snowy weather.  More than 17 students, teachers, challenge leaders, administrators, case managers, therapists, and deputy sheriffs united together to demonstrate solidarity in a time of dividedness in our community, state, and country.

“Hey, circle up,” a voice broke into our silence. “Why are we here?”  Charles Mason, SJO Employee, looked into the faces of all of our students.  He repeated himself, “Why are we here?”

“For the 17 lives lost in Florida.” A student called out.

17 students and teachers went into their school, their safe place, as they had each day before, and were not able to return home.  Charles called our student’s attention to all those standing around them.  Their fellow students.  Their teachers. Their Challenge Leaders. Their administrators.  Their case managers.  Their therapists.  Their local law enforcement.  All present.  All there for them.  Always.

“We want to let you all know that we care about you.”

Simple words, but isn’t that all anyone needs? Someone to care for them?  This is the foundation of what we do.  This is our base.  Our home.

“It’s time for us to come together.”

Together, we can support one another.  Together, we can make it through.  Together, we can make a difference.