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12 Effective Parenting Tips & Strategies

May 5, 2017

12 Effective Parenting Tips & Strategies

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Every parent wishes their child came with a manual, but sometimes we just learn as we go!  A story from a local blog (ASAPCincinnati) teaches us some great tips to utilizing healthy parenting skills that can build effective parenting strategies. Parents are at their best when they set appropriate boundaries and stay consistent. As a result of engaging in your child’s life and following through on decisions you can breathe life back into the relationship. Putting these concepts into practice help parents regain leadership role in the family. Using effective parenting strategies allows for a sense of accomplishment.

Parents become aware of needing change when their child is troubled. A change in parenting style is not a miracle. As a result of sticking with these things you increase your effectiveness as a parent.

12 Effective Parenting Strategies

  1. Lead by example—If you don’t want your teens to drink or use drugs, watch your behavior around them.
  2. Stay involved—Go to your child’s events, invite his/her friends over, chaperone school dances.
  3. Don’t become your child’s friend—Children respect and love parents who set limits for their behavior.
  4. Listen to your child—Teens share when parents are willing to listen non-judgmentally.
  5. Never buy or participate in your child’s use of alcohol and drugs—This is illegal behavior which can be disastrous. Remember the saying in front of many police stations, “Parents who host lose the most.”
  6. Recognize your child’s assets and deficits—Help your child work towards his/her strengths while building up weaknesses.
  7. Refuse to be lied to—Teens ‘bend the truth’ or out-right lie when it suits their purposes. Don’t participate when possible.
  8. Know your child’s friends, and their parents—Networking monitors dangerous behaviors.
  9. Remember your teen’s judgment is not fully developed—Teens are not capable of making adult decisions.
  10. Look for the teachable moments—When you witness troubling behavior, don’t ignore it; share your concerns.
  11. Avoid enabling your child by fighting their battles—With support, teens are capable of standing up for themselves.
  12. If you suspect a problem, get help—Early intervention for all mental health problems, including suicidal thoughts, bullying, substance abuse, and eating disorders, is the best hope for recovery.

Practice these new or renewed skills. Most of all, find an accountability partner who can give you feedback. When needed, consider counseling for yourself or your family to increase the influence for change.


For family counseling services contact: or another local provider in your area.

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