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Intensive Home Based Treatment

Intensive Home Based Treatment (IHBT) provides the necessary mental health services and supports to enable youth to live in their homes in the least restrictive, most normative setting possible. IHBT is a strength-based and family-driven mental health service designed to meet the needs of youth with serious emotional disturbances who are at risk of out-of-home placement or who are returning home from placement. Our program is also designed to help youth who need a high intensity of mental health interventions to stabilize potential safety concerns.

Program Overview

  • Child Therapy (Ages 3-18)
  • Individual Therapy (Ages 3-22)18-22 year must be in our TIP or Transitional Promotes positive development and health family functioning
  • Weekly individual and family therapy required
  • 3-5 hours of services per week to assist and support the family and youth
  • Provides services in the home, school and community
  • Promotes increased family satisfaction and client functioning to encourage stronger families
  • Focused on reducing out of home placement, including hospitalizations
  • Collaboration with other involved services to increase long term success

IHBT integrates core mental health services into one seamless service:

  • Case Management
  • Behavioral health counseling & therapy
  • Mental Health Assessment
  • Crisis Response

Service is flexibly delivered at a time that is convenient for the entire family and is available around the clock.

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