Kindness in the Workplace

Benefits of Being Kind At Work

When you think of your work environment, you might think of kindness as a weakness. Historically, kindness contrasts with the image of a cut-throat, successful business person who wants to move up the ladder of a corporate world. However, professionals typically don’t get ahead by creating negative work environments. If they try to create a positive environment instead, there are actually several remarkable benefits. Here are the top five reasons kindness can actually make you healthier, per research from The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation.

  1. “Kindness fuels energy and esteem”
  2. “Kindness makes you happier”
  3. “Kindness is good for your heart”
  4. “Kindness helps you live longer”
  5. “Kindness decreases pain, stress, anxiety, depression, and blood pressure”

When someone performs a random act of kindness, it tends to have a ripple effect across the workplace which in turn benefits the health of all employees. As Random Acts of Kindness Week comes to an end, we encourage you to continue creating a culture of kindness at work. Check out this video from the RAK Foundation about the science behind kindness: