COVID-19 Update: How We’re Helping the Community

Teachers, therapists, and staff members throughout St. Joseph Orphanage (SJO) are on the front lines of the coronavirus relief effort. We are committed to continuing to provide mental health care to our community during this difficult time.  While we are taking all precautions recommended by the CDC and local health departments, our facility remains open, with the exception of education and treatment programs.

“We serve more than 5,200 vulnerable children and families throughout Southwest Ohio, and they depend on us for essential care such as education, therapy, case management, medication, and food,” said SJO Chief Executive Officer Eric Cummins.

What We’re Doing At Our Facilities

Everyday, we take the temperature of all employees & visitors at the door of each of our facilities. We also ask them to complete a screening form conforming to CDC Guidelines. For each person, we use a fresh thermometer and gloves. If the thermometer indicates a temperature of 100 degrees or higher, we ask them to return home and contact their Primary Care Physician for guidance. In addition, we have increased cleaning and disinfecting for all of our facilities. We encourage our employees to practice social distancing and many of our dedicated staff members are working remotely.


Off campus, SJO teachers and staff are delivering food to students’ homes multiple times a week, along with toiletries, medications, and other essentials, as well as packets of educational materials. We are also delivering activities to help build coping skills for anxiety, anger management, and other social skill development. In addition, teachers are contacting families multiple times a week to assess family needs and concerns, to answer questions, and to provide academic support, and we are using the online Classroom Dojo app to keep parents up-to-speed on weekly lessons and assignments. SJO teachers are also being trained in video conferencing so that we can meet with students online for face-to-face meetings, and we are using YouTube channels to post lessons and instructions on how to complete lessons.

“I miss seeing my students in the classroom,” said SJO Teacher Adam Calez. “But we’re doing all we can to keep the learning going.”

Therapy, Case Management, and Medication

We also provide much-need therapy, case management, and medication to thousands of children across 10 Ohio counties. While SJO therapists and case managers usually meet with patients in-person, now we have transitioned to using online Telehealth technology to offer support and encouragement to patients and to reinforce coping skills that can reduce anxiety and depression. SJO medication prescribers have begun conducting all appointments by phone or Telehealth. For scheduling routine or emergent same day appointments, you can reach our scheduling team at (513) 268-2211 from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. If you would like to be screened for refills, please contact our nursing staff at (513) 382-6052 and leave a detailed message if you do not reach us.

“No matter what challenges our nation has faced over the past 190 years, SJO has been there, caring for vulnerable children and families,” Cummins said. “Now we are rising to the occasion once again and living our mission in new ways every day.”

While we are not requesting volunteers to assist with these efforts due to the need to practice social distancing, we are requesting donations to support our crucial mission. Donations can be made online or mailed to St. Joseph Orphanage, ATTN: Development Dept., 5400 Edalbert Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45239. Donations will see us through this difficult time and will help to ensure that we can continue providing core services to those who so urgently need them.

Getting Started in Services

We are still open for services for both new and existing clients.  We are able to complete intake paperwork over the phone and walk our clients and families through the online platform every step of the way.  Our Diagnostic Assessments are held via a video conference to ensure the safety of our staff, clients, and families.  We are here to help!

To get started call: (513) 334-6584 or email

We look forward to speaking with you soon!

Get Started

Get started in services or inquire about services with our Central Access Team for your family or a family you work with


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