COVID-19 Update: Thank You Supporters

Thank You Generous Donors For Helping Combat COVID-19!

“Whether you are a donor of St Joseph Orphanage (SJO) or someone who believes in the importance of our work, I want to thank you. Thank you for your support during this unprecedented time. Thank you for your patience as we continue to move into a new normal. This has been a difficult time – for the children and families we serve who count on us for their behavioral health, education and child welfare needs, as well as for our staff who are going above and beyond to serve these needs. We continue to meet the challenges of how to manage services while keeping our clients and staff safe. Yet, every day I am amazed by our employees and their commitment to do whatever is necessary to offer support to our clients and families and who are putting forth the effort to ensure that we all get through this together. Because of your support, SJO will continue to offer critical services to those who need them most. St. Joseph Orphanage was created in response to a cholera outbreak over 190 years ago. We were here through the Spanish flu pandemic in 1918, and we will be here through this pandemic to provide our clients with quality care.”

Thank you,
Eric Cummins, CEO


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